A Board of Sciences

Updated: Nov 27, 2021

Would a Board of Sciences be a good place to start reorganizing government?

How about reorganizing to bring the regulation of all sciences under one roof? The EPA, FDA, and other regulatory agencies that deal with humanity or the environment should be brought in as a division of the Board of Sciences. All scientific inquiry regarding products. services or processes that will be introduced to the human body or be applied to the environment will be subject to regulations that ensure there is no adverse effect on humans or the environment. All current drugs, chemicals, and food additives should be reviewed to determine whether they will meet new standards. Objective standards for foods and environmental chemicals will enhance public health. No scientist working for this board will be allowed to take private-sector positions in areas where they were a regulator or profit from patents that they develop in their field.

Additionally, would it be a good idea for this board to form public/private partnerships with artists, authors, and inventors? Each region of the country could have offices where individuals may apply for grants, seek technical assistance or utilize machinery to create their works. These offices may be existing companies, universities, or other places where people can exchange their ideas and co-operate on projects that benefit humanity. Projects that promote health, tranquility, food scarcity, and clean energy will be the focus of the public/private partnerships. In exchange for this assistance, there could be an equal split of income between the person and the government.


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