Atonement or at one ment?

Updated: Jan 13

Is the atonement doctrine the true message of Jesus Christ or was it just a marketing plan on behalf of His apostles to convert their Jewish countrymen to a new religion?

There are some questions regarding this doctrine that need to be answered.

1) If this doctrine is true, then why did Jesus begin his preaching tour telling the people that you have a personal Dad that runs the Universe?

2) Shouldn’t he have waited until after he died and resurrected to tell us that?

3) If Jesus was supposed to be the “final” sacrifice, then why would he not have gone to the temple and followed the procedures for sacrifice as laid out by the Jewish priests if that is what God ordained in the Old Testament?

4) Was Jesus’ words that God is in you hinting at the real religious doctrine of being at one with God, or “at one ment”?

5) If atonement is the true doctrine, why did Islam rise up in the World 500 years after the death of Christ?

6) Is the atonement doctrine valid based on "Original Sin" if Eve could be considered the first "me too" victim?

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