Did Jesus resurrect in his body or another form?

Updated: Aug 28

Was the resurrection a bodily resurrection or did Jesus resurrect in another form? The scriptures say some interesting things, and there is a good reason to believe he did not resurrect in his fleshly body. Some of the reasoning is:

1) He always said his kingdom was not of this world.

2) The angel in the tomb said he is risen.

3) The scriptures say some interesting things about his appearances during this time.

There are approximately 3,000 words on the resurrection of Christ in the Bible across the four gospels. Some of the compelling evidence that he was in another form are:

1) Mark 16:12 says directly that he appeared in another form...

2) When he is in the garden with Mary Magdelene, he specifically tells her not to hold on to him because he has not yet risen to the Father. This could be due to the fact that he was being projected from another dimension and she would be in danger of radiation poisoning if she continued to embrace him. Are there other reasons he would tell her NOT to hold onto him? John 20:17.

3) He enters locked rooms without using the door. Every time the apostles are in conference, it is made clear that they are secured in locked premises. Jesus suddenly appears among them without using the door. John 20:19.

4) When he is visiting with the two brothers along the lake and he goes to eat with them, it says he disappeared from their sight when they realized who He was.

5) He appeared to the 500 instantaneously and spoke to them.

6) He ascended into Heaven when he left his disciples.

The only instances where it could be inferred that his body was flesh is when he is proving to Thomas that it is him. All other instances of the resurrected Jesus have him doing things that a physical body would not be able to accomplish. Make your own mind up as to what the resurrection was, but keep in mind that the Kingdom of God is a spiritual kingdom. Peace be with you as you discern the will of the God of the Universe.

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