Doctrine + Dogma = Death & Destruction

Updated: Jan 13

It does not matter if it is in religion or politics, doctrine combined with dogma spells doom. History is rife with examples of the dogmatic doctrines of the ruling classes causing all sorts of catastrophic events from wars, political oppression, religious persecution, and the like.

Everyone holds too many types of dogmatic beliefs. We are indoctrinated in all realms of society, and much of this indoctrination is useful to the functioning of a successful and viable society. However, many of our doctrinal beliefs are severely hampering the proper functioning of our society at this point in human history. The two major doctrines causing havoc in the world right now are the doctrines of war and religious sovereignty.

As an American, I have experienced the “drug war” my entire life. I was born during the Vietnam War and was in college during the easy gulf war, and currently, we are in a "war on terror" that many people feel is one of the keys to the “end times”. I have lived in times of war but thankfully have never been directly exposed to war. I cannot imagine the toll it would take on someone who has experienced this hell. Of course, some live and thrive off war whether as a soldier or an employed member of the military-industrial machine that supplies the war. The current wars we find ourselves in have drained the American treasury of money and the American psyche of positive energy. I think we need to take a fresh look at the doctrine of war. I think the doctrine of war is stupid. Peace is the measurement of the advancement of society, not how quickly a country can destroy another country with weapons of mass destruction.

One of the main reasons for the shooting wars in various parts of the world is the fact that the main religions of the world assert their religious sovereignty. Whether it was Muslim extremists who flew planes into our buildings or the “Christian” response to those acts of terror, the basis of this war is religion. It all really boils down to the doctrinal belief that their “Book” (Koran/Bible/Torah) is the sole source of God’s laws and wisdom. It is obviously not the belief of moderate and educated peoples of any religious denomination that their “Book” holds all the keys. That is the belief of the dogmatic fundamentalists of these religions, and these are the peoples who hold to such dogmatic doctrines that are causing most of the strife in the world.

The God I love and serve is bigger than any Book, greater than any doctrine, and more loving than humanly imaginable, and is incapable of even being close to describable on the pages of any of the current religious texts of the world. Even if it came close to describing God, it would still be just a static description of human words on a page.

That is why the doctrine of Jesus is so simple and beautiful. God is our Father and we are brothers/sisters. He did not ask for religious uniformity, he wants and seeks religious unity in the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man/Woman. God is no respecter of persons and wants all people to come to Faith. Let’s give the sovereignty back to God and let God love on each of us individually as a Father to a child.

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