Healthcare Policies

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

The mission of our healthcare policies is to ensure that every American has the ability to make informed decisions regarding their bodies. Additionally, to provide a framework and financial support system to protect families from catastrophic or chronic illness.

1) Initially fund $2,500 into Health Savings Accounts for all Americans. This is $750 Billion one-time expenditure. Additionally, a minimum $1,200 tax credit per year per family member would be given to fund HSA accounts. HSA accounts would be used to cover doctors, dentists, hospitals, prescriptions, OTC health products. Additionally, up to 30% of this balance could be used for leisure travel.

2) All health policies are individual policies that are guaranteed renewable with no preexisting conditions. Policies will range in deductible from $0-$125,000. Pricing for policies and deductibles will be adjusted to income levels. For example, a family of four earning less than $70,000 per year would pay a premium based on a $125,000 deductible which is estimated to be $67.44 per month, but in actuality would have a zero or near zero deductible policy. Whereas, a family of four earning over $700,000 per year would pay a premium based on a zero deductible plan estimated to be $1,573.09 per month, but in actuality would be subject to a $125,000 deductible. This structure would allow lower income families to accumulate significant funds in their HSA accounts. Effectively, this would provide a citizen the ability to accumulate over $200,000 at the age of 67 in their HSA with just a $100 per month contribution.

3) ALL health insurance companies would convert to a hybrid-mutual insurance company model. This form of entity would pay no taxes at the state or federal level. Additionally, these companies would be able to expand into enterprises that enhance health such as gym facilities, massage companies and other health enhancing ventures. These enterprises would also be tax free if they were offered to policy holders as health benefits.

4) Companies that employ contractors will be subject to a 10% tax on the first $12,000 of contract labor per contractor. One-half of this tax will be directly deposited into each contract laborer's individual HSA tax-free. Additionally, all corporate contributions to HSAs will be tax-free to beneficiaries.

5) ALL pharmaceutical companies will be removed from the stock exchanges, and ALL pharma research for disease will be open sourced and available for review on public exchanges in real-time. ALL ingredients for pharmaceuticals shall be disclosed. All profits on pharmaceuticals will be allocated back to research and development to make safe more effective drugs.

6) A compensation tax will be imposed on ALL public companies whose executive salaries exceed 10 times the annual minimum wage. The salaries of the highest 40% of earners will be subject to a 15% surtax.

7) Promotion of nutrition based healthcare. Ensure that Americans can have access to affordable whole foods that are free of harmful additives.

8) Regulate the corporate food supply to eliminate non-nutritive chemical additives and ensure minimal nutritional value in food categories.

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