Hey hey, ho ho the status quo has got to go!

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

If the world continues on the path it has taken for the last 75 years things will go downhill quickly soon. The corrupt world leaders and elite have decimated the environment, oppressed the poor, and enriched themselves at the expense of everyone else. Laws and regulations are bought and paid for by greedy corporate leaders who have no regard for anything but shareholder value. While capitalism is great, it has become toxic with greed and corruption.

If we do not remove the powers that be, we will be in for a rude awakening soon. It's time for action.

I think women should lead the charge for change. We need some women of integrity to take the reigns of government and make the necessary changes to the way governments and businesses are run. If there ever was a time for a woman's touch, it is here and now. Let's get some ladies to step up and be the leaders that we need! 20The status quo has got to go!

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