How about we just simply be Brothers, Sisters, and Others from here on out?

How about if you are born and biologically classified as a brother or a sister and you want to physically transition to completely identify as the "opposite sex" you legally become classified as other? Or if your choose to remain as you were biologically born, but you want to "identify" as the other gender or something else entirely, then you are an Other as well. Does it need to be more complicated than that? Seriously. Can we do that? Wouldn't it make life easier if we just narrow it down a bit? Forget sexual relations. Two brothers, two sisters, two others, or any combination of that is fine. Even three, if that's your thing, just leave kids out of things.

Even further, how about we truly identify the cause or causes of this type of dysmorphia and try to address the causes so that there is less emotional trauma occurring? Less emotional trauma would foster a more peaceful and loving world, right?

It even fits with the lyrics of the great Rock Classic "Come on people, now smile on your Brother" which can be changed to; Come on people now, smile on your brother, sister, other everybody get together try to love one another right now.

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