Is a well regulated militia...

what is lacking in this county? And would it go a long way to fixing our issues concerning violence committed with guns? Should there be a discussion on what this phrase should mean for our country? Should people be able to posess a gun capable of semi-automatic operation that can hold more than five rounds unless they have been fully trained in its use and have accountability for its safe handling? Accordingly, would a militia system would be a good method of regulating the ownership of these weapons? Would trained militia members who own these weapons be a good defensive strategy against invasion?

A well regulated militia should have a pledge and mission statement that defines the purpose, establishes criteria for membership, and provides the framework for a successful mission. The guiding principle from the Constitution is providing for the common defense. This foundation is what the militia needs to be built upon. While the common defense is against enemies foreign and domestic, all militia activities are domestic activities, and are defensive in nature. With this foundation and some simple rules, a well regulated militia would effectively eliminate gun violence and provide Americans with a viable domestic defense system that would stand as a strong deterrent to invasion by foreign enemies. Along these lines, the following is proposed for discussion.

1) A militia licensing and training regime set up at the state level with federal defense funding. Training would be provided on military bases in each state. A licensed milita member would be allowed to own high capacity semi-automatic and automatic weapons.

2) Licensed militia members would pay into insurance. A licensed militia member would be part of a squad. The squad members have responsibility for each other. IF a squad member commits a crime with a firearm each squad member would suffer ramifications of the criminal squad member's action. This accountability measure would ensure that militia members are of sound mind to fulfill their obligations to their mission.

3) No restrictions on the amount of single shot firearms that a non-militia person is allowed to own. Included would be semi-automatic shotguns with a capacity of five shells or less.

4) All biologically born females can begin taking tactical training at 16 years of age to be qualified to carry a handgun anywhere/anyplace at any event when they become 18 years of age. This training would include intensive training on active shooter situations as well as provide women with enhanced defense tools for their individual safety. The handgun would come with a holster that automatically activates the video function on all cell phones within a certain radius when the gun is unholstered in a violent situation.

Not everyone should have the right to posess a high capacity weapon. A system of certification and qualification to own such weapons needs to be put in place to limit the proliferation of these weapons in the hands of people who are ill equipped to handle them.

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