The Pharmaceutical Industry

is an industry with an inherent conflict of interest. Publicly traded stock companies have one goal and one goal only. That is to enhance shareholder value. There are no other objectives with a for-profit company. The goal of a pharmaceutical drug is to alleviate or cure the ailment for which it is designed in the most efficient therapeutic manner. These two goals cannot rationally exist alongside each other. One will be sacrificed to better the other. Accordingly, this industry operates under an inherent conflict of interest. There is ample evidence that the interests of shareholders are always put in front of the interests of the potential user of a drug. This system that is geared toward benefiting a shareholder will always be less effective than a system whose sole purpose is the health and well=being of its beneficiary.

It is imperative that this system be changed to some type of open-source research system that is imbued with the proper checks and balances to ensure scientific integrity. Vigorous studies and objective analysis for introducing drugs into the pharmaceutical system should be instituted to ensure the safety and efficacy of these drugs.

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