Toxic Capitalism

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

What is toxic about Capitalism? The same thing that makes all things toxic, which is too much of anything. Toxicity can also come from misapplying a solution, and that can create volatile toxicity.

Not every venture needs to create value for shareholders. Some for-profit ventures have inherent conflicts of interest with this model. They do not belong as for-profit companies. The main three are:

1) Pharmaceutical companies.

2) Health insurance companies.

3) For-profit prisons.

None of these ventures should be conducted for profit. Pharmaceutical companies should be open-sourced and operate under a consortium model. Instead of creating value for shareholders, pharma companies should be inventing curative drugs or identifying or eradicating the causes of disease not selling a symptom alleviating drug.

Health insurance companies should operate under the mutual model and have tax breaks and incentives to promote health and not just manage risk.

For-profit prisons are rampant with corruption. The model does not rehabilitate offenders, its purpose is to make their profit centers profitable. Prisons should be run to rehabilitate and not for profit. This is one of the most toxic ways capitalism is manifested.

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