Transgenderism and the soul of Womanhood

This post is not about hating on transgender persons. I have great empathy for the psychological trauma that you have endured in your life journey. I cannot think of any trauma more painful than the trauma of gender dysphoria. I support whatever counseling or therapy one needs to alleviate their psychological suffering. However, there should be serious consideration given to the effect that transgenderism is having on biological females and their womanhood. The effects are real and perceivable especially in the arena of sport.

There are some questions that should be posited in this debate to provide the framework for the discussion.

1) Is there a difference between the spirit of womanhood and the soul of womanhood? and if so, where does the transgendered person fit into this model of womanhood?

2) Is the spirit of womanhood and the soul of womanhood becoming enmeshed and amalgamated into the transgenderism movement?

3) Does this enmeshment devalue the soul of true womanhood?

When answering these questions, it is necessary to define the spirit and soul of womanhood.

The spirit of womanhood is those qualities, characteristics, traits, and mannerisms that one would traditionally define as womanly. They are the spectrum of what society defines as womanly qualities.

The soul of womanhood is an innate, biological, experiential, sacred, and divine part of what makes an authentic woman. It is the essence of being an authentic woman, and it is a birthright.

The spirit of womanhood is among many things, kind, gentle, and loving. It welcomes anyone who wants to identify with this spirit. Accordingly, there should be no problems with a transgender person identifying with the spirit of womanhood. It is available to anyone who wants to identify with the spirit of womanhood. However, the soul of womanhood is a different story. The soul of womanhood, being a divine and sacred place, is not available to be coopted by a transgender person.

An attempt to identify and coopt the soul of womanhood is an assault on authentic womanhood. Any assault of the soul of womanhood should be considered a hostile action and should be rebuffed. This is especially important in the world of sport where transgendered males consistently outcompete their female opposition. This is a soul-destroying action and it needs to be stopped at all costs. If a transgendered male wishes to compete athletically, they should have their own category of competition, and not encroach on female sports. This is an egregious situation, and it is destroying women's souls.

The soul of womanhood is sacred and divine, and if this encroachment is allowed to continue, not only will women suffer, but the world will suffer when the soul of womanhood is destroyed by heartless governments trying to kowtow to a small group of psychologically traumatized persons. Women, you must protect the soul of Womanhood!

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