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Updated: Dec 11, 2021

Dear Corrupt and Aging Politicians in the US House and Senate,

If you are one of the 15 Senators or 34 Representatives who have been in office since 9/11/2001, we the undersigned formally request your immediate resignation. You have been beyond derelict in your duties, and all you are doing is covering up your crimes and those of the people with whom you are colluding. You have become corporate shills who legislate for and on behalf of corporations who rape the environment, enslave all kinds of World citizens, and consume resources at an unsustainable pace. You are directly responsible for the toxic capitalism that has stratified society and brought it to the brink of collapse. Your self-serving ways are despicable and we have had enough of your graft and corruption.

One Down - Patrick J. Leahy, D-VTJan. 3, 1975 - - Not seeking re-election.

Charles E. Grassley, R-IAJan. 3, 1981 -

Mitch McConnell, R-KYJan. 3, 1985 -

Dianne Feinstein, D-CANov. 4, 1992 -

Patty Murray, D-WAJan. 3, 1993 -

James M. Inhofe, R-OKNov. 16, 1994 -

Ron Wyden, D-ORFeb. 6, 1996 -

Richard J. Durbin, D-ILJan. 3, 1997 -

Jack Reed, D-RIJan. 3, 1997 -

Susan Collins, R-MEJan. 3, 1997 -

Charles E. Schumer, D-NYJan. 3, 1999 -

Michael D. Crapo, R-IDJan. 3, 1999 -

Thomas R. Carper, D-DEJan. 3, 2001 -

Debbie Stabenow, D-MIJan. 3, 2001 -

Maria Cantwell, D-WAJan. 3, 2001 -

US Representatives

Young, Don Representative for Alaska At Large, 1973-2022 -

Hoyer, Steny Representative for Maryland's 5th congressional district, 1981-2022 -

Rogers, Harold “Hal” Representative for Kentucky's 5th congressional district, 1981-2022 -

Smith, Christopher “Chris” Representative for New Jersey's 4th congressional district, 1981-2022 -

Kaptur, Marcy Representative for Ohio's 9th congressional district, 1983-2022 -

DeFazio, Peter Representative for Oregon's 4th congressional district, 1987-2022 -

DeLauro, Rosa Representative for Connecticut's 3rd congressional district, 1991-2022 -,all%20D.C.%20based%20meetings%2Fevents.

Norton, Eleanor Representative for the District of Columbia, 1991-2022 -

Bishop, Sanford Representative for Georgia's 2nd congressional district, 1993-2022 -

Clyburn, James “Jim” Representative for South Carolina's 6th congressional district, 1993-2022 -

Johnson, Eddie Representative for Texas's 30th congressional district, 1993-2022 -

Pallone, Frank Representative for New Jersey's 6th congressional district, 1993-2022 -

Rush, Bobby Representative for Illinois's 1st congressional district, 1993-2022 -

Scott, Robert “Bobby” Representative for Virginia's 3rd congressional district, 1993-2022 -

Upton, Fred Representative for Michigan's 6th congressional district, 1993-2022 -

Thompson, Bennie Representative for Mississippi's 2nd congressional district, 1993-2022 -

Jackson Lee, Sheila Representative for Texas's 18th congressional district, 1995-2022 -

Blumenauer, Earl Representative for Oregon's 3rd congressional district, 1996-2022 -

Aderholt, Robert Representative for Alabama's 4th congressional district, 1997-2022 -

Brady, Kevin Representative for Texas's 8th congressional district, 1997-2022 -

Davis, Danny Representative for Illinois's 7th congressional district, 1997-2022 -

DeGette, Diana Representative for Colorado's 1st congressional district, 1997-2022 -

Granger, Kay Representative for Texas's 12th congressional district, 1997-2022 -

Kind, Ron Representative for Wisconsin's 3rd congressional district, 1997-2022 -

Price, David Representative for North Carolina's 4th congressional district, 1997-2022 -

Smith, Adam Representative for Washington's 9th congressional district, 1997-2022 -

Larson, John Representative for Connecticut's 1st congressional district, 1999-2022 -

Schakowsky, Janice “Jan” Representative for Illinois's 9th congressional district, 1999-2022 -

Simpson, Michael “Mike” Representative for Idaho's 2nd congressional district, 1999-2022 -

Graves, Sam Representative for Missouri's 6th congressional district, 2001-2022 -

Langevin, James “Jim” Representative for Rhode Island's 2nd congressional district, 2001-2022 -

Larsen, Rick Representative for Washington's 2nd congressional district, 2001-2022 -

McCollum, Betty Representative for Minnesota's 4th congressional district, 2001-2022 -

Wilson, Joe Representative for South Carolina's 2nd congressional district, 2001-2022 -


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